How to avoid emotional eating

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

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Today we are going to talk about emotional eating. Where it comes from, how to overcome it, and how these tips are going to help you reach your goals quicker.

Life is stressful! You work is demanding, your kids are driving you crazy, you keep thinking about all the things you should be doing right now but you don’t need to be controlled by stress. One of the reasons why people struggle to lose weight is because of stress eating. Also known as boredom eating, emotional eating, and eating comfort food.

What do these actions have in common? These actions are all driven by your emotions. To start, as yourself where did you learn how to instinctively run to the fridge to get comfort food? When I was a kid, I remember I would eat ice cream when I cried. Your story might be different, but the lesson remains the same.


Raid your kitchen on junk food and comfort food. Create an environment where you don’t need willpower. If you’ve had an emotionally exhausting day, your brain is going to rely on its memories. It’s going to remember food makes me happy. Therefore, if you have comfort food in your kitchen you’re going to have a harder time saying no to it.

Here’s an option. Instead of going to eat, channel your energy, and angst into something positive and enjoyable. For example, you can go on a walk, or meditate, or journal. My go-to is to take my dog, Rocky, on a walk. The key here is to refocus your mind on something that is relaxing and enjoyable.

Changing your habits is not an overnight process by any means. Stress is a constant pressure, but you can deal with it differently. Eating your emotions isn’t going to help you lose weight. Create new coping mechanisms.

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