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4 solutions to working out while in quarantine

For the first time in most of our lives, we are forced to remain at home 24/7 (with a few exceptions). That means no gym, no dance class, no sports. Your only options are working out at home, run or bike outside. Not too bad right? Easier said than done. *big sigh* Truth is working out at home is HARD for a couple of reasons you may well aware of but let's make sure we're on the same page here. 1. Kids While they are full of ENERGY their energy may not be focused on exercising in a routinely way as adults normally do. No kid is ever telling their friends lets to play HITT circuits! Hahaha. Kids' play varies A LOT and CONSTANTLY! Maybe they just keep you busy all day. Feeding them, picking up after then, playing, helping them in their homework and online classwork, etc. Kids may require so much of your attention all day that by the time they are finally asleep you are pooped!

2. Busy work around the house There is a saying in the Latino community that says, "El que hacer de la casa unca termina" which translates to housework never ends. Housework is never-ending busy work. Sweep, mop, laundry, dust, wash dishes, organize. Clean the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, your room, and god-forbid your children's room too because no matter how many times you've asked them already they still haven't done it and you are sick and tired of seeing their mess ugh! After all those hours you have to restart because time is cruel and places never stay clean *sigh* It doesn't matter if you wake up at 5 am and good to sleep at midnight, there will still be housework you didn't get to.

3. Plain old laziness Why would you want to go workout when staying curled on the couch watching Netflix is SOOO much more comfortable! "One more episode and then I'll work out" you convince yourself and then there a HUGE cliffhanger at the end of the episode. OMG, I HAVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS!! If not that scenario then it's as simple after the episode is over you don't close out before Netflix's countdown starts the next episode and you now have to watch the next episode because well it already started. "Oh well, nothing I could have done" hmm I know....because I'm guilty of doing this too and I'm the trainer! Hahaha, What can I say I'm human too.

4. Dogs They are cute little floofs but omg they will NOT LET YOU WORKOUT IN PEACE! If you normally don't workout out home your dogs will be freaking out wondering what in the world their hooman is going? They're probably thinking we want to play but we just trying to do bicycles for a flat tummy! I have an Australian Shepard floof, named Rocky, who has been making working out hilariously impossible. 5. Not knowing what exercises to do When you're taking a group exercise class or working out with a trainer you have it easy. You don't have to come up with exercises you just have to follow directions and picking the weight of your dumbbells might be the extent of your decision-making responsibility. Now you're at home and you're staring at your yoga mat dumbfounded remembering like 7 maybe 8 exercises and one of them is burpees which you are dreading to do.

Aren't you feeling motivated now?!! Hahaha, I'm just teasing but now that we are on the page on why working out at home is hard, let's talk about solutions! YEAH! SOLUTION #1: Find a location in your house where you distraction-free. You might have to wake up before everyone else or wait until everyone is asleep. You might have to disappear to the storage unit in your backyard haha idk but the point being is if distractions are causing you to not work out then minimize them. This is not easy of course but play a mind game just ask yourself if I needed to create a distraction-free zone how could I do so? Don't accept "I can't think of any as an answer!" That's berry sauce! (trying to keep this pg-rated lol). SOLUTION #2: Link up with an online trainer (like yours truly *shameless plug*) or a workout buddy. Since everyone is interacting online during this Coronavirus pandemic why not also workout together online using Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp? If you aren't familiar with using these applications ask your kid, sister, niece there's bound to be someone near you who can teach you, even Youtube should have a tutorial! No excuses! Setting a workout appointment will help keep your accountable and your chances of actually working out skyrockets! SOLUTION #3: If you need ideas Youtube is going to be your best friend. People have uploaded home workouts that walk you through the entire length of the workout, timer and all. It's fantastic! Don't reinvent the wheel. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are also great sources to get workout ideas. SOLUTION #4: Revisit your "Whys". Why did you want to get healthy? Why did you want to workout? Why did you sign up for a gym? Now are any on your excuses (*cough I mean justified reasons) more important than your whys? If any reason(s) are more important than your whys then accept your situation and accept the consequences. Your situation will not always remain the same. Maybe your a nurse and you're working like crazy and you barely have enough time to sleep. Maybe your sick now is not the time to workout.

So there you have it my little sugar cubes. I hope you found relief knowing you're not the only one struggling to work out at home. Secondly, I hope the 4 solutions help in making working out just a tiny bit easier. If I missed a reason why working out is hard or a solution that has helped you send me a DM on Instagram @fitnessmanifest. Okayyy Byeeee.

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