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Workout with Fit Ball

12 weeks, Massive Changes

Group Coaching with Coach Teresa

What This Program Is

1 / A total lifestyle transformation that will not only transform your body, but your mind and outlook on life. You’ve tried making fitness a new year’s resolution, if you’ve tried the gym routines that YouTube gurus suggest, but you just couldn’t make it stick. This is your chance to cement fitness & nutrition as a habit in your life with the guidance of a personal trainer. (No crash diets involved)

2 / A flexible formula that can be adapted to whatever stage of life you’re in, even after the program has ended.

What This Program Isn't

1 / This program doesn’t rely on your levels of willpower or motivation. We’re creating an environment that gives you the best chance for success.

2 / This isn’t a self-guided program. You will meet with me every week and integrate what you learn with a custom plan, made just for you.
3 / These aren’t theoretical, info-dumping learning sessions. You will be taking action one step at a time, implementing in realistic ways to make this lifestyle “stick” long after the program is over.
4 / Taking extreme measures, going from zero to full throttle, or trying to make yourself fit into a “one size fits all” fitness journey. I’m not giving you a prescription of things you have to do, we’re trying on strategies and adapting them to your unique lifestyle.


One weekly group session where you’ll gather the tools to apply this week’s topics, plus a weekly one-on-one session where we will adapt those tools and strategies to fit you.

How You Will Be Held Accountable

1 / Voxer voice chat access

2 / Accountability checks during one-on-one meetings
3 / Group accountability check-ins every week
4 / Weekly themes that build on the previous lesson for steady progress


Option 1 - $600 Paid in Full

Option 2 - 3 monthly payments of $300

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Guided by Coach Teresa Cedeno,
Health Coach & Behavior Change Specialist

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